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How everything started and has developed since


New design for the website of Zöller GmbH


Expansion of product range by caps in accordance with EN 10253-4
Equipping of a test laboratory for implementing the tests required to issue a test certificate in accordance with EN 10253-4


Updating of product catalog with extensive technical details especially for collars in accordance with EN 1092-1


Purchase of a modern laser cutting installation

2006 The company presents itself competently to foreign customers in the additional languages English and French.

2005 Zöller GmbH expands and moves to Muggensturm in March 2005. Zöller Rheinstetten becomes Zöller Edelstahl.
replaces www.zoeller-rheinstetten.de

2002 Zöller GmbH online at  www.zoeller-rheinstetten.de

2000 TÜV certification according to the German pressure vessel regulation (Druckbehälterverordnung)(AD WO / TRD 100) for torispherical heads.
Reinforcement of management by Dr. Peter-J. Becker

1999 50 years Zöller "fast and fair"

1997 Zöller Rapid Service (ZBS)

1994 Expansion of the production area

1991 The next generation - the siblings Rainer Zöller, Andreas Zöller and Ruth Zöller take over the company

1987 Order processing using computerised support

1959 - 1980 

Opening up new business areas
Development of new manufacturing methods for small-lot production
Stainless steel becomes the main material

1959 Expansion of the company, moving to the premises in Rheinstetten-Silberstreifen

1949 Founding of the company by coppersmith Adolf Zöller