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Collars made of stainless steel, copper, and aluminum

Regardless of whether old national standards (such as DIN 2642, DIN 2641), new European standards (e.g. EN 1092-1), standards for specific industrial sectors (e.g. DIN 11850/11852) or factory standards: we manufacture products in the materials, dimensions, and tolerances you require.

Welding collars

Welding collars are welded onto the pipe. They are used to connect pipes together and are thus an alternative to the crimping of pipes.

We manufacture copper collars for welding and soldering.

Slip-on collars

Slip-on collars are slid onto the pipe. They are an important pipe connection e.g. for bulk material plants. They are manufactured in accordance with various factory standards. We specify the internal diameter for our slip-on collars as well as the internal diameter for the matching collar.

Customer-specific collars

Furthermore we manufacture special types of collars in accordance with customer requirements, for example reduction collars, collars with special heights, collars with sealing grooves, collars with increased accuracy requirements.

Torispherical heads made of stainless steel, copper, and aluminum

Our standard delivery range comprises torospherical heads in accordance with DIN 28011. These have the shape R = D and r = 0.1*D, the cylindrical height h1 is at least 3.5 x s. We have matched the height h1 of our standard heads to the table included in DIN 28011. Heads > DN 80 with s ≤ 5.0 are standardised to h1 = 20 mm.

With regards to DIN 28011 we have received pressure vessel certification by the TÜV-Süd for austenitic stainless steels and other high-performance materials.

We also produce torospherical heads with cylindrical heights < 20 mm.

In addition to these standardised heads we can offer many further special forms, e.g. inverted heads, flat ends, plates, semi hollow balls, plate ends, heads with holes, heads with low cylindrical heights.

Caps EN 10253-4

We manufacture caps in accordance with the new harmonised standard EN 10253-4. This completely replaces DIN 2617 and DIN 2609. The shape of this caps is identical to DIN 2617 (R = 0.8 D and r = 0. 15*D).

We can carry out the tests required for an acceptance certificate in accordance with EN 10204:3.1 in our new in-house test laboratory.

Ellipsoidal heads

An alternative to caps in accordance with EN 10253-4 are ellipsoidal heads in accordance with DIN 28013. These have the shape of EN 10253-4 (R = 0.8 D and r = 0.15 D), but are much lower with h1 ≥ 3 x s.

We have also been granted TÜV approval for these heads. The requirements for the cylindrical height ‘h1 ≥ 3.5 x s’ or ‘h1 ≥ 3 x s’ are derived from the calculation rules for pressure vessels in accordance with AD2000 B3 Section 2.2.